Plex is the best when it comes to streaming your favorites

Plex media player is the best in Roku device that lets you to stream the television shows and chartbuster movies from wherever you are. All you have to do is, install the PlexTV Go Roku and commence watching your favorites without any hindrance. Installing Plex will help you to track what you stream, remote access, gathering and queueing contents from nearly 150 sites.

The process will not take much time and it is simple as well

  • At first, you need to download the Plex Media server on desktop or NAS device (it is suggested to choose a device which consists of the movies, television shows, music and personal contents that you’d love to watch)
  • Then you have to install the PlexTV Go Roku and launch to watch your contents without any hindrance
  • You can now watch your contents on any devices like mobile, desktop and gaming consoles as well

Devices that support streaming Plex

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Roku
  • Chromecast
  • Sonos
  • TiVo

Smart TVs like Samsung, Sony, VIZIO, Toshiba and Roku TV will be compatible. Similarly, you can stream Plex on gaming consoles like PlayStation 3, 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Media types like MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, DIVX, MP3, M4A, FLAC, WMA, JPG, PNG, RAW, TBN and more are compatible to stream on Plex player.

Desktops with the operating system such as Windows, OS X, Linux, NVIDIA SHIELD, Netgear, Drobo, and Synology will help you to install the Plex Media Server.

Content discovery on PlexTV Go Roku

You will view the tabs that are mentioned below in the Plex dashboard

Continue Watching

This tab will consist of the shows which you left off in the middle that you can resume watching

On Deck

This tab will have the complete episodes of each and every season that will be readily available to play the next episode right after you complete the current episode

Recently Added

The contents that are new to the Plex app will be visible in this tab and it will consist of all media types

Media types in Plex

  • Movies
  • Television shows
  • Music
  • Live TV & DVR
  • Podcasts
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Web shows
  • News

Moreover, these media types will have sub-categories like recently released movies, top movies by Ridley Scott, top movies in action, recently aired TV, most played, rediscover and more.

Our Practice Areas

  • If you are not interested in acquiring the Plex Pass, you can watch it for free as the primary functionality doesn’t even cost a penny
  • News, podcasts and your own media are available to stream for free
  • You need to acquire a Plex Pass subscription to unlock a few contents which are basically available through in-app purchase

How to customize Plex

  • You can edit the Home screen and reorder the app resides in it easily. This feature is solely available in Android, iOS and PlexTV Go Roku apps
  • Just click on the Reorder Home screen button on the main menu and drag to arrange the apps as you like
  • You also have to option to remove rows that you don’t wish to keep it in your home screen

Plex Pass subscription

Live TV and Digital video recording are the two main components you can acquire by activating the Plex Pass subscription. Get to watch over-the-air telecasts using a supported tuner and digital antenna with the help of this feature. Just don’t stop with movies and television shows because PlexTV Go Roku delivers movie trailers, celebrity interviews for user’s delight. Likewise, you will be able to watch the making of your favorite shows and check out what’s happening behind the scenes. Acquiring the Plex pass subscription will provide early preview access to apps that are yet to be launched. Just sign in with the Plex account after installing the Plex mobile apps on any mobile devices such as Android, iOS, Windows and Windows Phone to watch your favorites from anywhere. Moreover, the paid-for apps of Plex can be used free with the help of Plex pass subscription along with the features and benefits mentioned above.

Subscription Cost of Plex

Though the basic functionality of Plex is available for free, you can try the Plex pass subscription which is actually worth-subscribing and below-listed are the packages that Plex provides its users

Before you acquire the subscription, you can make use of the Plex Roku free trial for thirty days.

Advanced features of Plex subscription

Apart from the benefits mentioned, you will also acquire certain features solely dedicated to users who have a Plex pass subscription and they are given below.

  • Parental control will restrict the contents that you share
  • Premium Music libraries with better art, bios, lyrics and more
  • It is possible to watch your contents offline by syncing Plex to a mobile device

Moreover, you can store the contents on Google Drive, Dropbox and Box using Cloud Sync

Plex Channels

Here is the complete procedure to add or remove your favorite Plex TV channels and before we move on, let’s check out Plex web app which is essential for including and eliminating channels from PlexTV Go Roku.

Plex web app

  • You can either host from the website or launch via Plex media server. However, experts suggest using the hosted web app which will have the most recent software version
  • Open any browser and enter the URL and sign in with your Plex account
  • Now click Launch button on the page and you will get to view the Plex web app loading on the screen

Channels that you can include to PlexTV Go Roku

Here is the list of Plex TV channels that are readily available to include on Plex
  • NBC
  • ABC
  • CBS
  • FOX
  • Euronews
  • IGN
  • Crunchyroll
  • FilmOn
  • NHL
  • TuneIn
  • Fox News
  • AJ+,Sky News

Plex Home

Include channels to Plex using Plex web app : After launching the Plex web app, you have to click Install channels and choose the category if essential before clicking the install button
Confirm the channel installation and you can refresh your Plex list to view the channels

Removing the channels : Excluding a channel is very similar to adding channels on your Plex and here is how you can do it
At first, launch the Plex web app to find Channels menu and hover any channels that you’d like to remove before clicking the Red remove button

How to update channels on Plex : Updating the Plex TV channels is not mandatory as it will happen by default
However, you can do it manually by clicking on the “Check for Updates” option on the Plex web app

Channel Preferences : Some channels will have their own preferences which you can manage using the Plex web app itself
All you have to do is, open the Plex web app and hover over the channel that you want to change preferences
When you hover, you will find two options, gear icon and remove icon

Plex Home is actually the best thing you can ever get to share entertainment with your family as well. Switch accounts and limit contents from your server.

You can include nearly fifteen members on a single Plex Home but you can have only one. If you accept the invitation for a second Plex Home, the previous one will be removed

Only the admin of Plex Home has the powers to create Managed users and the devices that supports include Android, Apple TV, iOS, PlayStation, Plex Media Player, Plex Home Theater, Roku, Plex Web App, Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox 360, Smart TVs and TiVo

Features, like creating a PIN code for accounts and restricting content access, can be availed on Plex Home

Create Plex Home

Launch the Plex web app and go to Settings -> Home Users. Now you need to click “Add an existing Plex User” or “Create a Managed User” which will send an invitation to the particular user. If creating Plex Home is successful, you will find the info Window popping up on your screen and click Ok

  Fast User Switching

Switching accounts is one of the features that you can avail on Plex Home and lets you switch between the Plex Home members. Just tap on Account menu on your Plex Web App and enter the PIN code if you have one. If you are using Plex Media Player, just click on the Switch User option under the Account menu.

  Difference between regular users and Managed Users

Like all Plex accounts, managed users should have an active Plex pass subscription. Sign in to Plex app as a regular or full member. Unlike the regular Plex users, managed users don’t require a unique username, email address or password. Moreover, managed users cannot share contents outside Plex Home or run Plex media server individually.

  How to exit from Plex Home?

Click Settings -> Home Users -> Leave Home. If the admin of Plex Home leaves, it will remove the Home account completing and results in deleting the existing managed users.

Plex media server on NAS devices

The usage of NAS devices is increasing day by day only due to storage space they provide at an affordable cost and the devices also possess the redundancy characteristics which plays a vital role in safeguarding your contents. Here is the list of  best NAS devices in which you can install the Plex Media Server.

Let’s Connect

  • Asustor (Intel, ARM)
  • QNAP (Intel, ARM)
  • Synology (Intel, ARM)
  • TerraMaster (Intel)
  • Western Digital MyCloud
  • Drobo (ARM)
  • NetgearReadyNAS (Intel, ARM)
  • Seagate (Intel, ARM)
  • unRAID (Intel)

Plex media server  

Install the Plex media server on your desktop and include the contents that you’d love to watch from anywhere. Now you can download the Plex app on any devices like mobile phones, tablets, desktop or streaming player


The Plex media server will track the contents you stream. The next time you log into Plex, a status indicator “watched” will be available that lets you know about what you haven’t watched. You can also resume the shows from where you left off previously. Keep track of your favorite shows.


After downloading the media server, run the .exe file and tag along with the onscreen prompts. Finally, click Launch and then tap on Open Plex option,Then Enjoy you favorite movies and TV Shows,music and photos anytime, anywhere. We will be using Windows Standard.


Go to the Plex Downloads page and to acquire Plex Media Server for free download. Download the server that is compatible with your computer OS such as Windows, MAC OS X, Linux, Compatible NAS devices. In the meantime, install the Plex app on the desktop, mobile phones or connected devices.


You will find the .zip file under the Downloads folder which you have to unzip before proceeding with the Plex media server setup. Now drag the Plex media server app to the Applications folder and launch the app. Click Open Plex to complete the setup on a successful note.

PlexTV Go Roku activation

  • Navigate to the Roku channel store and search for “PlexTV Go Roku” if you don’t have the app on your Roku home screen. Add the channel and launch once the installation is complete to move forward in the channel setup
  • You will acquire the Plex activation code and now it’s time to visit the website to enter the code. Before furnishing the Plex activation code in the website, ensure that you have signed in with the Plex account
  • Hang around for a few seconds and check whether the PlexTV Go Roku is available on your streaming player. If the code for Plex TV link not working or expired, click on the Star button to acquire a fresh code


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