Plex TV App

Plex is a renowned client-server media player which is compatible on Windows, macOS and some other type of devices. The Plex media server desktop application organizes and stores videos, music contents from user’s collections which enables the streaming players to stream the contents.

The Dawn of Plex

Plex started off as a Freeware hobby project in December 2007, which is intended to distribute its software at no cost to the user. The intention of Freeware must be to encourage sales which benefits the producer.

The team consists of Feingold, Olechowski and Ullman founded Plex, Inc in December 2009. The team started working on media-related content to integrate not only local content but also to integrate web-based multimedia services.

Plex Media Server

Plex media server or normally called as PMS software is the back-end media server of Plex. It is congenial to run on Windows, macOS, Linux and Network-attached-storage devices.

Plex Player Apps

Plex tv app

Plex tv app

Player apps are usually the front-end which allows the user to manage all the contents from a local computer which has a plex media server.

NOTE: Plex Media Player uses Hardware acceleration for a consistent user interface across all devices

Launch of Plex Apps

Plex also developed and launched the application which is compatible with various platforms and devices;

  • Plex launched an App for Amazon Fire TV on the eve of April 2nd,2014
  • Also make a note that on the eve of March first week in 2014, Plex makes an announces its free support of Chromecast
  • Most importantly on the eve of May first week back in 2011, Plex announces its app on Roku which will be available by downloading the Plex channel
  • Then on 5th of October in the year 2014, Plex announces its applications for Xbox360 and Xbox One which is compatible with Voice control

Activate Plex Media Server

  • First, download the Plex media server from Plex website and install it on your PC
  • Then install the Plex Tv Go Roku on your device to watch the contents
  • you can now watch any content on mobile and desktop
  • Then create a Plex account at
  • Now navigate to and enter the log in credentials and access your Plex account
  • If you like to continue the show that you left in the middle, then Continue Showing tab is the one for you in Plex TV Go Roku
  • The contents that are new in Plex TV App will appear on the Recently Added tab

Plex Pass

  • Plex pass subscription tends to provide Live TV and Digital video along with over-the-air telecasts
  • Supported tuner and Digital antenna might be the source to view this over-the-air telecast from Plex
  • Plex TV Go Roku provides behind the scene videos of your favorite shows and how they make those shows that are shortly called as making videos
  • Moreover, with Plex pass subscription, you can get the early view of apps that gonna launch
  • Most importantly with “Sync mode” available along with Plex pass, you can enjoy favorite shows, trailers, music in offline mode from wherever you can by tapping sync

Plex Channel on Roku

Make sure that Your Roku device has a connection with internet and power on the device

  • now move to Streaming Channels in the Home screen of your Roku
  • then navigate down to search bar and type “Plex” in it
  • when your device finds Plex channel, then select Add Channel on your TV

After this activity, the Roku screen will prompt you that channel adding is successful

Now press the Home button on your remote to start the activating process of Plex TV App on Roku

  • first, if you need to access the Plex channel on Roku, you’ll need to get in with your Plex account credentials
  • get along with your Plex account in Roku and it will show activation code once you sign in
  • now head over to Plex official site to enter the code which appears on your screen

Now that Plex TV App is setup on your Roku device, you can enjoy Plex contents on Roku until the Plex server has contact with it. For more information, visit PlexTV Go Roku.

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